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Even those students who have excelled in high school find university a shock, especially if it is in another country. They have entered a bigger world with more paths and fewer signposts. Consequently, Capital International Academy offers an Undergraduate Preparation Program (UPP) for those students who have completed high school diploma in non English speaking countries who might need extra preparation and guidance before entering university. The UPP is an intensive, four-month academic program that teaches the skills that a student needs to survive and thrive in university. This course will include the following elements.

  • IELTS preparation courses
  • The Science of Happiness / Motivation and Emotional Judgement
  • Canadian Culture
  • Current event and News
  • Volunteer work
  • Canadian University Application

The program is holistic: it improves a student's knowledge of Canadian culture, hones his social skills, and strengthens his psychological well-being. In particular, the unique Psychology course on Happiness makes students conscious of their level of happiness and gives them tools to maintain and increase their happiness, even in stressful situations, to achieve a well-balanced and successful life. This program is suited for the students interested in applying for any undergraduate program in North America.

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We are offering a program of Grade 10-12, which satisfies the Ontario Ministry of Education’s requirements for a Canadian high school diploma. This Program prepares international students for admission to Canadian universities.

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